The following members are Archery GB coaches:

  • Ted Hughes (County Coach)
  • Chris Kemp (Level 2 Coach)
  • Mike Addis (Level 2 Coach)
  • Graham Williams (Level 2 Coach)
  • John Whitmarsh (Level 2 Coach)
  • Andy Griffin (Level 2 Coach)(Junior Club Lead Coach)
  • Martin Parkinson (Level 1 Coach)
  • Edward Kain (Level 1 Coach)
  • Adrian Gifkins (Level 1 Coach)
  • Martin Wakely (Level 1 Coach)
  • Susie Liddiard (Level 1 Coach)
  • Hillary Penny (Level 1 Coach)
  • Phil Green (Level 1 Coach)
  • Mandy Bettany (Level 1 Coach)


The task of running Beginners Courses falls on them, although they are always glad of guided support from experienced club members, to help spread the load.

If you ask, any of them will be very willing to offer you advice and training to improve your archery skills, or to help iron out an archery problem.

If you are buying equipment for the first time, or are buying new equipment to up grade your kit, you are strongly advised to consult one of them, before you spend your money. On many occasions, one of them will be willing to accompany you to the supplier, to help you make the right choices. This is a very precious service to club members, which you are strongly advised to take advantage of.

16th November 2014.

RE: Adult Members/ Allocated Coaches, Season Two.

The Club’s Coaches offer the membership a voluntary scheme whereby members may undertake their coaching with an allocated coach.  This adult system was first introduced twelve months ago and has proved very successful in helping archers achieve their goals. Junior Club have been operating a similar scheme for two years.

Features of the scheme are as follows:

  • Allocation of a coach is entirely optional ie there is no obligation to   be part of the scheme if coaching is not  required.
  • Coaching sessions will be undertaken at the request of the Member subject to the allocated coach’s availability.
  • The member will pre-arrange a coaching session with his/her coach at a mutually agreed time. In some instances this could be during the day at Oakleaf Field. As sessions will be pre-arranged Monday evenings will no longer be designated a ‘Coaching Evening’.
  • The scheme is open to all senior members irrespective of their     shooting aspirations.
  • Coaching will continue to be provided free of charge however the coach is not expected to be ‘out of pocket’ and there may be instances where  the payment of traveling expenses will be appropriate.

A scheme such as this has a number of benefits including:

  • A coaching relationship is established.
  • It facilitates a more structured approach to coaching matched to the aspirations of the archer.
  • Effective use of time – it’s not been unknown for coaches to attend a coaching evening and no archers turn up!!
  • The allocated coach can act as a contact point for all archery related matters eg club, equipment, tournaments. This will be invaluable especially to new members.
  • Having an allocated coach is a major benefit for Beginners as they progress from their Beginners’ Course.
  • Improve membership retention levels. If technique improves the likelihood is performance/ enjoyment will do likewise.
  • Performance progression may stimulate an interest in participation in tournaments  at whatever level the member feels comfortable with.

The Coaches who have agreed to work within the scheme are as follows:

Mike Addis

Andy Griffin (Mandy Bettany is about to undertake a Level 1 Coaching Course, she will work with Andy, her mentor)

John Whitmarsh

Chris Kemp

Martin Wakely

Graham Williams

Edward Kain

Other coaches may be added to the scheme, TBA.

The scheme is going to require commitment from coaches in terms of time/effort and it is hoped this will be reciprocated by the membership in respect of their attitude towards coaching.

All Senior Members are now invited to apply for an allocated coach. This  should be emailed to Andy Griffin (ku.oc1527060861.ilac1527060861sit@r1527060861egnol1527060861wons1527060861) who has been appointed Club Coaching Co-ordinator. The email should be in the following format:

Subject:   Club Coaching

In the body of the email:

  1. Name
  2. Bowstyle
  3. Length of time shooting
  4. Shooting Aspirations.

It is appreciated that in some instances coaching relationships already exist and wherever possible the aim is for these to continue. In such instances members should add:

  1. Name of Preferred/ Existing Coach.

The plan is for season two of the scheme to become operational on the 1st January 2015 therefore members are requested to submit their emails by 10th December.


Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about this new scheme.

Kind regards,

 Andy Griffin.

On behalf of Cheltenham Archers Coaching Group