Items for Sale

Welcome to the Cheltenham Archers Buy and Sell Page.

If you would like to advertise equipment for sale or you are interested in any of the items on this page please contact moc.s1560953724rehcr1560953724amahn1560953724etleh1560953724c@aid1560953724emlai1560953724cos1560953724.

For sale:

Cartel K Sight, good condition and an excellent starter sight for beginners. £15.  

Oakridge Hickory flat bow 50lbs – £40.
Sure-Loc Quest X sight
Blue Avalon compound bag, £20 ono.

Honey Doo Release Aid Gold – £30 ono

Win and win Inno CXT left handed riser with Shibuya arrow rest blue and white colour. As new. – £250 ono

Four finger red release aid Carter Insatiable 2 (medium size) for sale, Brand new – used twice, selling due to size too big. – £95.00

Win and Win EX Power Limbs  66inch x 46lb. – £200 ono

Two longbows made by GARY EVANS no1 Bow Ser no 012, 52 LBS @  28 inches, Bow no2  Ser no 007  36LBS @ 26 inches – Offers considered.

Two longbows – handmade – about the same spec as above. Offers considered.

Bow stands, sting making jig, fletching jig, a large assortment of arrows ,tillering stick, and various materials and tools for fletching, arrow and string-making. Offers considered.

Easton deluxe recurve bag – £50 ono 

Carbon ES blade long rod- £30 ono

Inno Ex power 36 x 66 (short) limbs – £250 ono

Left handed shibuya carbon recurve sight – £90 ono