1st Archery GB Junior Masters.

On Sunday 4th August the 1st Junior Masters tournament was held, hosted by Welbeck Archers .  All  invited archers completed a Fita 70 ( at their own distance), and were ranked according to their morning score.

In the afternoon the archers took part in a head to head competition.  Emily Bryant took part, having gained her Junior Master Bowman award last season.

There was excellent competition in the recurve section, with thirteen girls in the category.  After the seeding Emily was in 10th place.  Following the Head to Head, and a dramatic one arrow shoot off , she finished the day in joint sixth place.

It was a long day, but well worth the effort for the excitement. Emily is looking forward to competing again next year, alongside fellow Cheltehnam  JMB Archer Lexie Evans.”


Karen Bryant.


2013 UK Junior Masters

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