2014 Frost Bite Shoot, 5th January 2014.

We had a super day`s shoot for the 2014 Frost Bite, with a record turnout of 33 Members shooting, plus 3 more who entered but were unable to shoot on the day.
Despite a very gloomy weather forecast, we escaped with nothing more than a blustery wind and a little rain. Certainly not enough to stop the intrepid Cheltenham Archers!
My special thanks to Members who turned out to help with Field Party, Field Captain, Kitchen Party even though some of you were not able to actually shoot.
Also my thanks to Ted for the use of his extra bows, we would have been struggling without them.
Everyone had a really good time and there wasn’t a scrap of the fabulous venison stew left.
The Scores are below –
FB 2014 scoring Frost Bite 2013 collecting FB5 Frost bite baloons FB 2014 Line FB 2014 fb6 fb4 FB3 FB 2014 S:Line Frost Bite 2014, dog FB 2014 dog:targets FB 2014 shooting line FB 2014 full graw FB 2014 1 FB 2014 walking back fb FB 2014 full graw FB 2014 shooting line FB 2014 S:Line FB3 fb4 fb6 FB 2014

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