Clout Shooting Arrangements at Oakleaf Field, Summer 2016.

Hello All

At the last committee meeting it was proposed that clout practice will have its own slotted time at the field.

It was agreed on a Tuesday between 5.00-7.00pm and Friday between 9.00-11.00am would be for clout shooting practice only. The field is due to be marked with clout measurements.

The gate will be padlocked during these times.

This will be for a trial period, and will be reviewed at the end of the club year.

If there are no other member at the field wishing to target-shoot at any other time, then it will be okay to practice clout.

As some of you are aware, training is a requirement for clout shooting.

If you are new to clout shooting please ask for help.

Later in the year, the club intend to hold a social night, as a clout shoot with jelly bows, with experienced archers.

Any questions please ask, if I don’t know I’ll find out.

see you soon


Clout Archery by Mr Barndoor, CC 3.0

Clout Archery by Mr Barndoor, CC 3.0

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