Clout Shooting

A clout range has been marked-out on Oakleaf Field for use by qualified archers.

All members are to be aware that the field is reserved for clout shooting:

  • Every Tuesday evening 1600 to 1800
  • Every Friday morning 0900 to 1200

Other use of the field during these times is only available if no-one present wishes to shoot clout.

If you are interested in trying this discipline, you can become qualified by successful completion of a short course of instruction in rules, technique and range-safety, after which your membership card will be endorsed to show your qualification. In the first instance, please contact Mavis at moc.t1550328586enret1550328586nitb@155032858644sdl1550328586onyer1550328586.m1550328586 or, in case of difficulty, Mandy at ten.s1550328586rehcr1550328586amahn1550328586etleh1550328586c@yra1550328586terce1550328586s1550328586

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