Club Shoot on Wednesday 2nd July.

Club Shoot 2nd July 2014 – An introduction to Field Style Archery

An NFAA Animal Round modified to the Limitations of Oakleaf Field


More than a dozen intrepid archers took up the challenge to try something “ a little different” from the usual target archery we regularly practice.

The NFAA (American) Animal round is normally shot in a private wooded area, with archers moving along a track from target to target. For our purposes this was modified to 14 official targets, of differing sizes (from Prairie dog to Caribou) and at various distances from 10 to 60 yards all shot from the usual shooting line. A 2-Zone system of scoring is used, and each competitor may shoot a maximum of 3 numbered arrows at each target, the first scoring arrow to count.

Archers began the round from any one of the 14 targets and moved after each “end” to the next target until all targets had been attempted.

All bow types were represented, from Longbow to Compound but no-one managed to score on every target (even Chris missed the Coyote!). The toughest to hit seemed to be the big Ram @ 40 yards, while the Wolf @30 yards and the little Prairie Dog @10 yards seemed to be “arrow magnets” each only being missed twice.

After shooting we all enjoyed a superb curry supper – many thanks to Chris for preparing it for us, both options fiery and mild options with excellent Dhal, Naan bread, and Tomato and onion sides.   My thanks too, to Ian Evans and the field party for moving all the targets ( I really do have a bad back at the moment!) and the ladies in the Kitchen.

As for Scores: –

Top Compound            –            Chris Kemp                        230

Top Recurve                        –            Lexie Evans                        198            (Beating Dad by 6!)

Top Barebow                        –            Ian Evans                        192

Top Longbow                        _            Mavis Reynolds            112

All other scores can be made available on request.


I hope it was an enjoyable evening for everyone , and I am more than happy to repeat it if there is any interest.

Steve Galton

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