Easter Bunny Shoot, Arrangements/Help Needed/Raffle Prizes.

Cheltenham Archers Club Members.


Hi All,
The Easter Bunny Shoot is nearly here!
We have got a full field of 28 targets, and the targets are all full!
Entries have come from 24 different Archery Clubs, right across the country.
MARKING OUT THE FIELD: will be done on Saturday 30th March between Noon and 2.00pm, during which time the field will be closed for shooting. (I have a team for this already.)
SETTING UP THE FIELD: will be done on Monday 1st April starting at 9.00am. Volunteers needed to help with this . If you can help, please let Edward Kain know, so I have an idea of numbers.
FIELD PARTY: We will need a field party in the afternoon. Again, can volunteers let Edward know for numbers, please.
THIS IS OUR ANNUAL CHARITY SHOOT: This year`s nominated charity is Severn Freewheelers who are the motorbike charity that runs blood and transport organs around hospitals in Gloucestershire.
Each year we give a portion of the enrtiy fees from the Easter Bunny, plus the proceeds of the raffle to our nominated charity.
Jackie Bowser is collecting the Raffle Prizes and will be greatfull for all contributions.
 **Please support this in any way you can*
*imgres-2Featured Targets

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