Field Shoot – Wednesday 14th June

Around 20 club members of all ages and all bow types gathered on a lovely sunny evening for the now annual NFAA style Animal target shoot (4th year of running)

Facing targets ranging in size from a Tarantula  at 10 yards to a large Caribou at 60 yards distance, with many other beasts and fowl at other distances.

After an enjoyable round of shooting – with only mild cursing and considerable good humour, the results and observations are as follows:-

15 Archers submitted their scores.

Top Gent was Mark Lynch with 208

Top Lady was Jackie Bowser with 136

Top junior boy was Adam Grinnell with 190 (equalling his Dad’s score!)

Top Junior Girl was Brooke Lynch

The toughest Critter was the Caribou, with only 1 person scoring any points – well done Jeff Grinnell!

Second and third hardest were the Wolf and Coyote respectively.

The “sitting duck” award for most hits went to the Raccoon who was only missed by 4 archers.

Next easiest were the Boar (5 misses) and the tied 3rd places Muskrat and Crocodile (6 misses each)

After the shooting was completed, and the field restored to normal, we retired To the clubhouse for an

excellent Curry (Hot and Spicy!) kindly provided by Chris Kemp our resident Curry Maestro.

I Hope everyone enjoyed their evening, and will see you all for next year’s challenge.

Thanks to all who helped in setting up and breaking down.

Steve Galton

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