Indoor Shooting Request


You will not doubt appreciate the disappointment felt by your Committee, which has worked extremely hard to make Indoor Shooting facilities available to all members. By comparison, the Junior Club on Saturday was very well attended. They shot a GWAS Postal Round, followed by some balloon popping, and team round practice.


In order to take advantage of a VAT concession, the Club has to book at least 10 sessions in advance. Understandably the Committee will have to seriously consider the provision of indoor facilities unless there is support from the membership.


It is appreciated shooting indoors does not appeal to everyone for a variety of reasons. However, it would be extremely helpful to the Committee if the members could indicate whether it is their intention to shoot indoors on a fairly regular basis between now and March next year. Members are therefore requested to send a simple email to Graham Williams in the following format:


Subject: Indoor Shooting
Body of email: Name followed by: ‘I propose shooting indoors’


If an email is not received it will be assumed the member does not wish to shoot indoors. Please note that at this stage the Committee is not looking for a commitment to shoot every Friday and/or Monday sessions (the latter when no Beginners Course in progress). If members (particularly those new to the Club) have any questions regarding Indoor Shooting please feel free to incorporate them in the email.


We wish to draw members attention to the fact that the new venue is probably the best we have had for some considerable in terms of lighting, space and the ability to shoot 20 yards/18m. In our view it is superior to the facilities used by some other local clubs.


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  1. Please see the latest indoor shooting update from the News pages – sufficient emails were received to continue with indoor shooting, so thank you.

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