St Leonard Longbow Tournament 2017

Cheltenham Archers hosted our annual St Leonard Longbow Tournament on Sunday 15th October. A great afternoon was had by all and the results are now up on our tournaments page.

Message from the tournament organiser:

Thank you to Pam, Anna and Laucon for the delicious refreshments. Thank you to the field parties, before and after, for helping set the field and the wonderful response for help I received, and lastly an immense thank you to all that participated.

Lee Devlin, Longbow Tournament Organiser

Message from one of the participating archers:

“Thank you for sending out the results so quickly. Also thank you for organising such a great day’s shooting. I had just the best time. The atmosphere was jolly and relaxed, the food was super yummy, and I didn’t get rained on.

Could you forward a big thank you to the Cheltenham members who marked out and set up the field. The Members who made the great food (I’m afraid I was a bit greedy), the lady serving the teas, all contributed to making this such a good day.

Thank you once again to you. Absolutely well done. Looking forward to next year already.

Good Shooting”

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