The Inaugural Monthly Club Blog

July has been a busy month for Cheltenham Archers’ members at tournaments near and far.

Ali and Dave had a successful weekend at the Yorkshire Archery Association WA Weekend. Dave won the WA 1440 on Saturday and achieved his 3rd Master Bowman score, whilst Ali came 3rd on both days and achieved her 2nd MB score.

Ali won silver on day 2 of the Cleve WA Weekend and achieved a PB at the 30m distance.

Vic Enstone achieved his 252 at 20 yards – on to the next Vic!

Austin Whitmarsh represented Great Britain at the 2nd leg of the European Youth Cup in Bucharest and has been selected to represent GB again at the 2019 World Youth Championships in Madrid.

Ali shot her first York at Black and Gold’s Summer Tournament.

The couples award at the Black and Gold Summer Tournament was intended to go to two archers; one shooting a Hereford and one shooting a York. Tony and Richard felt that the couples award shouldn’t be limited to an actual couple, however. They won the trophy with no need for either of them to put on a dress. They did insist on holding hands though…..

Well done to everyone who took up a challenge and achieved something last month! Keep it up and send your successes, stories and photos to

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