Cheltenham Archers First Open First Festival Tournament, 6th July 1975
















The first Cheltenham Archers Open Festival Tournament

was held at Cheltenham Boys College, Reeves Field, on

Sunday 6th July 1975. Brilliant sunny weather welcomed

their first open tournament. A marquee and brass band

added to the occasion. The club is proud that Roy Matthews,

one of the greatest archers ever to be produced by this

country was present.

The Main Results are –

Gentleman –

First,     R.D.Matthews (Royal Tox) 142/948/43

Second, S.Littlefair (North Oxon AC)143/943/42

Third,    D.Harris (Redditch Co of A)143/881/32

First class (6th)  Andy Griffin (Black & Gold) 138/832/31

Ladies –

First,     Barbara Wiliams (Chantry) 143/959/39

Second, Lynn Maslin (Chantry)          141/931/38

Third,    K.M.Ashman (Swan Archers)139/903/36

First Class K.A.Ashman (Swan) 142/888/38


See below for full results


Chelt 1st Torn 1975,1Chelt 1st Torn 1975,3 Chelt 1st Torn 1975,2 Chelt 1st Torn 1975,5 Chelt 1st Torn 1975,4




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