Types of Archery

Target Archery shot both outdoor and indoor.  Shooting at fixed targets at set distances, with arrows scoring numerically from the Gold out.


Field Archery Shooting at targets spaced out over rough terrain in woodland. Targets depend on type of ‘Round’ shot e.g. Paper Face, Picture of Animal, ‘3D’ Foam Animal   Distances can be non-specific.  and scoring depends on round.

Field Archery by Mr Barndoor, CC BY 3.0

Clout Shooting – very old form of archery.  Distance is 180 yards (140 yds for ladies); the target is a ‘clout’ or flag on a stick, which is the centre point of the scoring area.  Arrows are shot high in the air to land as close as possible to the clout, the closer the higher the score for that arrow.

Clout Archery by Mr Barndoor, CC 3.0

Flight Shooting – simply shooting an arrow the longest distance possible. Although ‘ordinary’ bows etc. can be used it is more usual for ‘specials’ to be employed.  These are very powerful and the arrows very light.  The world record is over 1000 yards.

Flight Compound Shooting by Mr Barndoor, CC BY 3.0

Archery Darts – a winter indoor round, shot at a face similar to a pub dartboard (large) at 15 yds. Can be run as a match with ordinary dart players using hand thrown darts at the normal board.

Archery Golf – would take place on an ordinary golf course, shooting from the tee towards the hole, with subsequent arrows shot from where the previous one landed.  Holing out is by aiming at and hitting a 4-inch disc target place (or similar) near the hole.


Popinjay Shooting – again very ancient and still popular on the continent. A vertical mast with crosstrees has wooden birds perched at differing heights, the highest at 90 ft.  Shooting upwards, with blunted arrows to score by knocking the birds off.