Club Success at the 2013 County Championships.

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A great day for Cheltenham Archers at this years County Championships which were held on Sunday 18th August at the Bowmen of the Deans ground in Coleford.

The weather stayed dry but an ever present breeze which changed direction coupled with occasional gusts made for “interesting” shooting.

Mens Recurve County Champion, Sean Evans (York Round 144/1102/69) (New Club Record Score ?)

Ladies Longbow County Champion, Mavis Reynolds (Hereford Round 99/449/6)

County Recurve Team Winners, Cheltenham Archers, Jackie Bowser, Sean Evans, Andy Griffin (Score of 2933)

County over 55 Recurve Trophy, Jackie Bowser

County over 55 Longbow Trophy, Mavis Reynolds

Gentlemen Longbow Hereford Round, 1st County, Alan Horton

Gentlemen Recurve Hereford Round, 2nd County, Edward Kain

Results Sheets –

GAS Champs 2013 Results


A very well organised shoot with Results issued the same day !!!!

Thank you Keith Webb and The Bowmen of the Deans.



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  1. Enoch cooper says:

    real proud to have won 1st county medal/pin badge considering I have to sit down to shoot,and special thanks to Mavis for collecting for it for me,as I thought I hadn’t won anything as I didn’t shoot very well on the day

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