Intercounties 2013



Mavis Reynolds and Andy Griffin were selected and importantly turned up to shoot for Gloucestershire in challenging conditions !!!!

I have copied Denise’ message regarding this shoot below.

As you can see we sadly did not field the ‘A’ or even the full ‘B’ team !!!! If all those listed at the final team’s selection had shot I think we had a very good chance of winning the overall event !

I wonder why we struggle to get people to commit to shooting, I know that Archery GB commitments can account for many of our top people, Is the fact that we shoot York/Herefords an issue (as per National Champs) are only metric rounds “valued” ? Prehaps the inter counties suffer by being at the end of the season, not just because of weather but because most archers have achieved their seasons outdoor goals by mid september.

Its such a shame that a wonderful archery county that has so much talent is not realising its potential.

2013seniorintercountiesresults Intercounties 2013

Intercounties 2013


Hi All,

Attached are the results from the Inter-Counties held last Sunday 15th September.

As you will see that Gloucestershire were under represented by four archers and therefore didn’t really stand a chance although we do have some pretty awesome archers in the County 🙁

Thank you so much to all those archers who did attend the event and hopefully you enjoyed the day ?

Thank you also to Mike Addis who took my place organising everyone on the day and thanks to all those people that helped him collect scores etc.

The County Friendly has been booked to be held at Bowmen of the Deans ground on Sunday 11th May and I am also thinking about arranging some indoor shooting sessions for you all.

Any ideas please let me know ???

The County Annual General Meeting is being held on Sunday 24th November at Black & Gold ground in Cheltenham, details will be sent out nearer the time.

Congratulations again to those archers who represented Gloucestershire last Sunday 🙂

Denise Bunce

Senior Team Manager



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